Foxli Rush

Foxli Rush is a strategy game starring the popular cartoony figure Fox Li. In this game, players role play as Fox Li or his girlfriend Peach, who will learn new skills, obtain superior gear and recruit invincible companions so as to battle against increasingly stronger enemies bosses and real players.

The game is developed by Shanghai-based Dream Square, the maker of Pockie Ninja and published by HangZhou-based NGames, which has successfully monetized a couple of Dream Square’s games including Pockie Ninja Series.


With Fox Li as the major appeal, the game attempts to entertain players with a beautifully crafted cartoony world populated by the famous figure. All the different altars, garden, deer farm, and other structures look cute and pleasing. But the very images the game is expected to excel at, or the images of the star foxes, are not as beautiful as they always are in the beloved chat emotions, cartoons and comic books. More often than not, they simply keep the original colors and shape while all the faces and expressions are completely different from those of the very cartoony character elsewhere. Worse than that, the game world is filled with identical male and female characters – all the foxes that wander on your land or work on your farm look exactly the same as the protagonists.

In the game, you construct or upgrade a certain structure, and banish all the enemies in an instance in normal mode or hard mode, which is reminicent of Pockie Pirates. You must keep exploring the dungeon maps in order to get level-up, or rewards like Gold and experience points. The monsters will become increasingly powerful as you challenge the higher level dungeons.

Foxli Rush follows a familiar strategy approach: players don’t have control over their protagonists and companions in battles. The battles are automatic and can be skipped, which promises an easy access but also highlights the importance of the gear, formation and the attributes. That in turn necessitates the constant enhancements of the gear, purchases of superior weapons and outfits, and upgrades of characters’ attributes, all of which consume this or that kind of currency or material you need to pay for or earn by completing instance quests.

Like many social city builders, Foxli Rush features a farmville-like mechanic that lets players plant and grow different types of flowers to produce Gold. Meanwhile, players can also decorate their home by building street lamps, gritty path and the like. Also, there are social features including visit and challenge between friends, which will reward players for a succefull attempt to visit or challenge their friends.

Foxli Rush puts players in a familiar strategy experience where only the lovely structures and characters serve as delights while everything else can be commonly seen in strategy games like Evony and Hobbit Armies. Given its farmville-esque mechanic and somewhat attracting visuals, the game could probably entertain teenagers while its deep strategy gameplay, by contrast, is likely to attract strategy gamers who would rather build troops and wage wars against real players.

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