Freesky 2: Steampunk Strategy

Freesky 2: Steampunk Strategy is the sequel to the browser-based Freesky Online where players start from a small territory, develop in their own way, and expand it into a great empire. This new game brings yet another strategy gaming package including air battles.

The game basically follows the same rule of what Kingdoms Social delivers, especially the gameplay and whole control.


There is no way for a player to experience Freesky 2 without being amazed, or at least impressed, by its visuals. The structures on those islands feature amusing looks. For instance, the trading post not only has a gold coin symbol above its gate, it has even got a cute weighing scale on the top. And instead of inheriting the common night views of space from previous space-themed strategy games, Freesky 2 adopts the bright green grassland coupled with blue sky decorated by fluffy clouds.

What sets Freesky 2 apart from its prequel and other strategy games is its territory platform, which is neither an unregistered planet nor an unchartered land that is open to expansions. It is instead a small island floating in the air exactly like the ones in Flying Kingdoms and Dragon City. Players are free to add any structure they need onto the small island and establish their own power while occupying others’ islands in a bid to obtain more resources.

Regrettably, the pleasant graphics and unique settings wouldn’t compensate for the conventional and overused gameplay. Mostly, Freesky 2 retains conventional strategy contents. The structure unlocking, constructions and upgrades are expectantly unavoidable. So are the researches of technologies and the production, collection and storage of various kinds of resources. And as is true to many space-themed strategy titles, the management and strategy exclude the recruiting of assorted units while offering the spaceship building and the gear equipping and upgrading.

And it is so hard, nearly impossible indeed, to progress in the game smoothly. For one thing, it is often the case that quests fail to tell exactly how to complete them. They simply ask players to upgrade the town hall, which is not allowed since the control tower hasn’t reached level 4 yet. But that control tower only appears once in the tutorial with too many redundant contents which, more often than not, cause players to miss the key information. For another thing, the inconsistency in wording between the quest pages and the structures often leads to confusion. For example, there is this quest that orders upgrade of five airships. According to the Description, one needs to go to Workshop and select Design Research. But as a matter of fact, there is no such Design Research tab page, or whatever, to be found.

Freesky 2: Steampunk strategy might easily fall into the category that holds those failed sequels to popular and even beloved titles. But this game is definitely worse. It didn’t quite leave players fonder of the previous title but actually in abhorrence of its very existence in the first place. It turns out to be yet another testimony to the fact that in the gaming industry, tempting or amusing graphics do serve as an appeal, but they alone can never really keep players.

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