Galaxy on Fire – Alliances

Galaxy on Fire – Alliances (GOF: Alliances) is an upcoming free to play mobile MMORTS where you are able to build up your own base, collect and loot resources, create your fleets, and join a galactic battle against other players across the galaxy. The new spin-off features 3D graphic buildings and artifact models, compelling quest-driven storyline as well as intuitive visual controls.

Set in remote unexplored corner of the fictional galaxy, Galaxy on Fire – Alliances allows players to choose one of three factions: Terrans, Vossk or Nivelians to build their base, do research on technologies and upgrade all necessary buildings to in order to engage in the space battle against enemies.

In the game, players need to recruit and order commanders to conquer territories, research super technologies and unlock and train powerful units to loot and defeat enemies. The game also let players forge or join an alliance to grow their star empire to cope with hostile actions.


Based on the description stated from Fishlabs’s press release, “GOF Alliances” plays a bit like IGG’s Galaxy Online 2.

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