Giant Realms

Giant Realms is a simulation game available on iOS devices. In this game, players purchase giant eggs, hatch them in the hatchery, feed the baby giants until they are old enough to breed new eggs and even battle against enemies in the arena.

You spend coins in purchasing villages, eggs, and decorations, and in clearing the rocks, trees or anything on the island to make room for your buildings. The building, clearing, breeding and hatching take hours, which could be skipped if you spend gems, or the hard currency. To earn enough coins, you have to feed your giants so they would produce more coins when they are placed in the villages. And that is why it is important to build brewery, where different amounts of brews are produced on demand.

Yup, it is a “Dragon City” without the Dragons. The game works in the same way as Dragon City, which is originally a Facebook game but recently has landed on iOS devices. Only this time the habitations are called villages while the dragons turn into giants that apparently are reproduced with the same method.

Giant Realms borrows both merits and the demerits from Dragon City. For one thing, the detailed giant cultivation and tending offers nothing if not entertainment and sense of achievement. But for another thing, it still annoys in the same way that Dragon City used to do and is still doing. For example, the ever-lasting paradox of waits and real money seems to intensify in those two titles. They didn’t even adopt a mild start – for the first hatching, you need a whole hour for completion. If one follows the quests, they would have to make matches between different types of giants and hatch specific breeds again and again.

If there is anything that distinguishes Giant Realms from Dragon City, it would be the 3D graphics and the changing perspectives. Whenever players zoom in, they not only enjoy a much more detailed picture, they also turn from the tilted top-down view to an almost horizontal view towards the structures and giants, just like in Kingdom Knights. That unique perspective allows players to have a close and intimate look at the objects but also puts too many things in the way that players can never check all the structures without something blocking their view.

It is totally a waste of time to dig a new game when it offers exactly the same gaming experience as an old one. With so many good alternatives, including Facebook Dragon City, and the DragonVale and Dragon City iOS version, it just doesn’t make sense in going through all those waits and grinding for another time and not just going back to the old games for the same fun.

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