Half the Sky Movement: The Game

Is an enjoyable playing experience the sole aim of a game? You are much mistaken if you think so. Half the Sky Movement: The Game has revolutionized people’s notion about games by making use of the widespread influence of gaming to “raise awareness and donations to empower women and girls around the world”.


Inspire by Half the Sky Movement: Turning oppression into Opportunity for Women World Wide, Half the Sky Movement: The Game offers you a chance to journey around the world in the perspective of an Indian woman named Radhika, who needs to obtain social and financial independence before gain opportunities.

As a gamer, you begin with very little property, but each time you initiate and complete a quest you will be able to help Radhika and other females in some way. For instance, you can fight off an international gang of sex traffickers or you may like to buy a bike that can facilitate a village girl’s life. In the world of this game, you start your adventure in India, pass by Kenya, Vietnam and Afghanistan and end in the United States. All the countries are distinctively and vividly depicted with a cartoon polish.

In-game tasks and missions are pretty simple but very rewarding, because what you do in the game can effect corresponding changes in the real world. For example, if you collect books for young girls in the game, you can activate a donation to Room to Read through some charity organizations. There is a whole array of very helpful things you may do by playing the game.

All in all, Half the Sky Movement: The Game is more than a game. With technology-driven platform and far-reaching influence, it can bring real changes to the world. Have fun and give a hand!

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