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Heroes Social is a Facebook-based action RPG with a banal storyline driven by hundreds of poorly connected quests. These brainless quests together with generally unremarkable graphics, repetitive background music and underwhelming gameplay make this game a hopeless disgrace.

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The title – Heroes Social – is deceptive. Don’t ever let the illusion of heroic grandeur or glorious leadership enter your head, because you will be tremendously disappointed otherwise. You won’t get anything out of it – save for all your unpleasant memories of those cut-rate and messy online games, like Warriors of Atlantis. You get dull and unrealistic environments, nondescript heroes, and supremely unoriginal content. If I had to give it a label, it would be “ a stupid retread of an unattractive genre”.

When I said the environments were dull, I did not mean lack of diversity. Actually, there are over a dozen places to explore in the world, but unfortunately none of them is presented with care and finesse to impress you with realistic appeal. For instance, Zephyr City is pictured as nothing but a bunch of garishly painted buildings, unnatural-looking greeneries and hordes of silly featureless monsters. Cronar Island doesn’t have anything better to offer either. You see a stagnant sea of a sickly blue, a handful of fussy dudes pestering you with dull conversations, and throngs of players and NPCs walking or trotting with ridiculous gaits. The more ludicrous part is when you run into someone or something, be it a monster, a giant building or another player, you go through it directly like a ghost. Everything is so fake, so you just don’t get the right feel that the game is supposed to deliver – being a hero and savior on a magical piece of land.

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Then there comes an equally nauseous part — a trite storyline driven by dull quests. You arrive on a panic-stricken island where commonplace creatures, like crocodiles, have learned to talk and strange beasts begin to make their ghastly appearance, like centaur, hog-faced humanoid and more. Not only is the story a cliché, these monsters are almost directly ported too. You will be instantly familiar with them if you have ever played Lunaria Story or Warriors of Atlantis. As per usual for games with similar stories, your quests will either send you to slay a whole array of monsters or take you to a plethora of places where you are to fetch something or talk with a person in the know. Different from Legends of OZ World and Wings of destiny, where conversations may take different turns based on your choices of response, talks in this game are just an expedient for the story to move on. However, I would be mean if I were to keep picking at this point, because the same situation happens in many worthier titles too, including Yitien, Tales of Laputa and more.

At this stage, you might want to ask: shouldn’t there be some classes, if this is a role playing game? Yes, there are. I have withheld this part for a special reason – early on you don’t have available class choices. The class feature will only be unlocked after you have completed level 20. Heroes are split into four classes, namely Knight, Mage, Archer and Acolyte, each with special talents. Knights are of strong builds, therefore they can unleash powerful attacks and soak an enormous amount of damage in melee; with intelligence and magic, Mages are capable of AoE; Archers have a long attack range, though they are weak in close combats; Acolytes are healers in the game and can cast powerful curses upon enemies. It seems an ingenious arrangement to acquaint players with the fundamentals first and offer class choices shortly afterwards.

Before choosing a class, the items you gather during quests are generic ones, like a Return Scroll that can teleport you to the latest revival point, HP Elixir II that can replenish 278 HP, and more. But once you have set a class, you may get items that are class specific and of fixed rarities, such as 4-star Oak Wand and Tyro Robe etc. Interestingly, some of the items cannot be immediately used if you have not reached a prescribed level. You are also randomly awarded with crafting materials, which can be used to craft wands, swords and so on. All items gathered and crafted can be traded at the auction house.

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Likewise, when you have finished a quest or have gained a new level, you may be gifted with a new skill. Seven skill slots offer you plentiful possible skill combos if you are not doing auto combats. Talking of auto mode, I am never a big fan, as auto pathfinding and auto combat invariably deplete what little challenge and fun there are in such kind of games. Luckily, in this game, you can easily disable the auto function by clicking a neatly arranged Auto icon in the bottom right corner, which is so much better than in some games controlled by confusing and pesky Hot-keys.

Social feature is also an important part of this game, allowing you to form teams, join in guilds and talk with players from all over the world on the world channel, but there is really nothing novel here. Pets and mounts that can be evolved have a role to play in the game too, and they may take on a lot of fancy forms, like hybrid Alpaca that wear glasses, but I guess they cannot give you a surprise if you are a hardcore RPG player.

Heroes Social is a lame browser RPG that does not seek to bring new twists to an over-utilized theme, but attempts to crowd all the possible elements into one, resulting in a shallow farce with ridiculously extensive facets.

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