HeroesGo, previously named as Howling Sword, is an upcoming 3D MMORPG developed by South Korea-based JoyMaster and to be published by ESTsoft behind Cabal Online. This new game is going to be another title that involves players in the heroic adventures and wars against dark forces.


Intensely story-driven, HeroesGo progresses with occasional storytelling through cut-scenes. As the story goes, the insatiable thirsts in humans’ heart for power and wealth and the chaos they’ve caused lead to the awakening of an ancient evil force, which sets numerous monsters and devils against humans. Players take the responsibility to crush those monsters, eradicate the evil force, and restore peace and order to the now severely troubled world.

Four gender-specific classes will be available, including berserker, swordmaster, gunslinger and mage, each carrying different weapons, sporting distinctive advantages, and playing a different role in boss fights. Players will acquire various class-specific skills as they continue into the game, which either heal teammates or inflict damages on the enemies. A transformation system is available from the get-go. It allows them to transform into other forms and thus become more powerful in battles.

HeroesGo offers stunning visuals. All the playable anime-style characters boast lovely appearances, and the assorted monster enemies promise fun in merely watching the game. Such impressive visuals are coupled with combo attacks that enable players to unleash several powerful attacks consecutively in a short time, which further enhances the battling experience.

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