Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda is an upcoming hidden object game for Facebook from PopCap Games. The game basically is no different. It is the story to drive players progress in many cases that differ. The concept of Hidden Agenda is reminiscent of Ubisoft’s CSI social game in case investigating and MakingFun’s Hidden Haunts in hidden objects searching.


Set in a small town, Hidden Agenda will put players in the role of a new appointed detective who will look into cases in the town. Everything here forms an object hunting place. When you visit the town hall, call upon Puckerwhip’s office, search through the food truck, or pass by a parking lot, you will always find chances to spot hidden objects.

Of course, you don’t go to any place randomly or mindlessly. It is the clue that leads you there. The items you should find in each scene are not the only things that deserve attention, but they will work as quest items to help you unlock new maps. The citizens in town, which are actually different kinds of animals, are all keeping their own secrets and it is up to you to discover who they are behind the scene.

Hidden Agenda combines hidden object hunting and case investigating, delivering a mysterious journey – a journey that players should wind up investigating various places based on different cases.

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Simon and Lewis have played LOTRO before, but since it’s now FREE TO PLAY they decided to make a triumphant return to the game to see if anything has changed over the past 3-4 years. To cut a long story short, it’s still terrible and nothing much has changed.

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