Inferno is a horror-themed RPG available on Facebook. Developed by Moscow-based PlayFlock, the game plunges players into one-on-one battles against hostile zombies, skeletons and real players. In a monster-infested world, players accept missions, fight against monsters, earn bronze coins and other rewards, and open up more areas to explore.


Inferno turns out to be a disappointing rip off the recently released Insanity on Facebook. It bears similarities to that former title in almost every respect. In the turn-based battles, players enjoy a first-person perspective, scratch and hit the enemy in front, and use potions or power-ups to ensure the victories.

Of course, you will need the coins and even premium currency for purchasing potions and power-ups. Performing jobs at the tavern (or in Insanity’s case, in the Doctor’s Lounge) remains a main source of that money. More often than not, those jobs won’t involve you in a real fight or a frightening confrontation with an invincible monster. You click Perform button for enough times and the jobs are done, which saves you both the trouble and the excitement and fun. Doing those jobs and fighting consume your stamina and once you run out of it, you could only wait, spend premium currency or upgrade your character for a refill.

There are structures that offer a steady supply of coins or other things in the maps. One must collect enough loot after defeating the nearby bosses so as to claim on those structures. And the PVP battles in the arena prove to be asynchronous fights that didn’t quite set themselves apart from the ones against monsters.

You won’t have to accumulate experience and level up to obtain a rare item. You buy it. In fact, almost all the things you might need or want are immediately available in the store. You could spend premium currency on a better, though not superior, weapon, or pay a huge amount of coins for a different setting for your so-called home, where you can’t move even a little bit and where you don’t even have a bed (although that might be one of Inferno’s major differences from Insanity).

Maybe using some cash would prepare you better for the incoming battles, help you take down monsters within a few blows, and enrich the gaming experience. But with so many original and entertaining games out there in the first place, why bother?

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