Insanity is a scary simulation game on Facebook where players take the roles of mental-disordered patients who earn money by running errands for doctors and nurses, battle against other patients, and obtain pills by defeating bosses and occupying certain spots inside the hospital.


You found yourself inside a mental hospital full of insane patients. And you are to work for the doctors and nurses, which might include collecting bedpans from the wards, washing bed linens, washing floor in operating room, swapping drugs with glucose and sorting personal files. Occasionally, you could challenge other players in the asynchronous underground fights or bosses in the specific rooms. Once you’ve defeated the bosses, you can control the special places in the hospital and obtain pills which are necessary for increasing key attributes.

Insanity brings scary pictures everywhere. Mostly you deal with a map of hospital building, where all the places for work and fights can be found. No matter what you do – working in the lounge, collecting pills from the pharmacy or fighting against other players in the underground parking lot or something, you will not click a room and then enters directly. You click the symbol of the room, or the brains, skulls or even the coins and a trail of footprints with blood appears gradually from wherever you were to the room and then blood would spread all over the brains, skulls or the coins. It’s like watching a magical map just like the one that Harry Porter discovers in the movie.

Unfortunately, Insanity does not offer any game content that is as amusing and horrifying as its pictures manage to be. Players complete jobs by simply clicking the task and consuming energy. No detailed pictures or operations are involved.

The battles are turn-based and are set in a dark and almost empty room. You initiate the fight by dealing damages on your enemies first, and then get beaten and wait for your next turn. Most parts of the protagonist cannot be seen – you can only see the hands, which could release different blows depending on what weapon you are equipping. There is not much to expect from those battles though. Since the game always lists the players with the exactly the same sets of attributes, which are insanity and aggression in this game by the way, you will have no problems in taking them down right before they defeat you. Anyway, you are the one who starts each turn in combat.

Insanity breezes life, scary or not, into the dull in-game map making, and creates a both horrible and entertaining atmosphere. However, it just didn’t have an equally inviting gameplay to whet one’s appetite and keep one’s attentions.

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