Iron Dawn

Iron Dawn is a turn-based strategy MMO from the Germany-based developer Zombiefood. In the game, players take the role of commander from one of the multiple warring factions, lead a troop consisting of different units, and fight against other factions and dominate the entire world.


Se in the same world of Götterdämmerung, a beloved German tabletop game, Iron Dawn borrow the classic strategy and role-playing elements from 1990s’ popular games including UFO, Jagged Alliance, Incubation and Fallout.

In the world of Tharwin, the realms, including the largest one, Commonwealth, used to live in harmony and peace until Quel’Nar came out of nowhere and turned every place that they’ve set feet on into a wasteland. Humans, dwarves, and other factions now are forced to summon their troops, and train their soldiers, resist the dark force and even eliminate all the other factions and enemies.

Players pick the faction they prefer, develop the skills of their different units, hire seasoned officers, and send their troops to battles. They not only follow a different game path, which depends on the choices they make from the outset, they could also influence the story with their own choices and actions in completing the missions.

Units in Iron Dawn call for special attention. Every unhealed wound increases the possibility of their permanent deaths. Therefore, you’d better send them to hospitals or clinics back in your home territory for appropriate treatment once they are injured.

The game, powered by Unity Engine, will be available on PC, iOS devices and other devices.

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