Jewel Epic

Jewel Epic is a tile-matching social game from 6waves (Forbidden Garden, Bubble Epic). In the game, players match tiles of different colors in boards of various shapes and achieve specific goals within limited moves.


Basically, Jewel Epic revolves around traditional tile matching mechanics: you drag a gem and replace it with a second one to form a horizontal or perpendicular line of at least three gems of the same color. In that way, you will be able to remove that very line of gems and those ones on top of them would fall down while new ones would be added to the board at the top.

But Jewel Epic enriches the otherwise familiar and dull tile dragging, matching and removing stuff. You have a maximum of 5 lives and each time you fail to achieve all the goals in a level, you will lose one life and also wouldn’t be able to unlock the next level. The lives are therefore prerequisites for your challenges (somehow as the bet or something like that). And once you are out of them, you can only wait for the slow refill over time (at a rate one life per 25 min) or pay real money.

And it is increasing easy to lose lives as one explores deeper in the game. For example, blocks exist in some spots on the boards and players have to clear all the blocks within limited moves to win the game. And the only way to do that is to form lines across the blocks. As you unlock more levels, more blocks need to be cleared and sometimes the whole board is covered in ice blocks. There are even times when the board appears in strange shapes, which make the matching much more difficult.

Players can pay real money to buy more moves for a game, or purchase the special items that will ease the matching experience. For example, the magical brush can change the colors of the gems. And the jewel ball could fill the magic box, which could eliminate all the gems of a random color in the board once full.

Jewel Epic is an outstanding tile-matching game which balances a challenging gameplay and a reasonable monetization system. And the result is incredibly impressive.

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