Journals of the Unknown

There are fairly many hidden object games on Facebook, to name but a few, Pretty Simple Games’ Criminal Case and Zynga’s Hidden Shadows. These games, usually featuring absorbing storyline and brain-teasing hidden object puzzles, have attracted millions of players in their play. Journals of the Unknown, from developer The Other Guys, is a recent follower of this prototype.

The game features a linear progression where players follow a young journalist, Jane Goodhart, in her efforts to probe into a car accident in the middle of a spooky forest. Using simple point-and-click controls, players will complete a series of hidden object scenes to search for the clues and key items that can be used in a consequential scene.

There are overall 12 chapters to submerge in, each can be replayed in-between chapters so as to collect additional items or mastery stars, which are required to proceed to the next chapters. But the hidden objects will change accordingly in each play to fresh the experience.

Journals of the Unknown is not perfect as far as I see. But it has a rather responsive team, which is always solving players’ problems in a fairly decent manner. And that’s one important reason, among others, why this game can gather more than 100 thousands of those players in a matter of months.

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