Joy Kingdom

Joy Kingdom is a Facebook-based simulation game where players clear the land of shadow-infested plants and rocks, fight against shadow creatures, cultivate various plants, attract assorted animals, and collect Joy to support various animal protection and conservation projects.


Embracing an instructive theme, Joy Kingdom offers dozens of videos concerning the situations of many endangered species. By giving joy to projects that aims at preserving or rescuing animals, players are entitled to influence how much money would go to each project. That money would come from the revenue this game brings to its developer.

No matter how meaningful or instructive the theme is, Joy Kingdom fails to impress players. Similar to FarmVille 2, the game has all your fox, kangaroo, squirrel, badger and other animals, as well as all the trees, grass, rocks and ore presented in colorful 3D pictures. However, no zooming in or zooming out is allowed in this game. And it is incredibly ridiculous when one toggles fullscreen mode only to find everything smaller and sometimes even messier instead of larger and clearer.

The basic gameplay is anything but unique. Players purchase potatoes, apple trees or other plants in the store and then cultivate them in their crowded land, and remove weed and rocks to clear space for all kinds of things including trees, flowers and statues. It would always be necessary to attract animals and feed them to obtain Joy and to craft items in the Spirit of Alchemist, which is a shiny tree instead of a laboratory. And Once in a while, you will need to open different gates to unlock new area so as to meet new animals, expand the territory and of course claim more resources. Anyway, quests all revolve around the cultivation, deployment and crafting and there are no quests that even bother to entertain gamers.

Naturally, a free-to-play game has got to possess something that slows down the process, increases the difficulty and spares premium players from the trouble and suffering of freemium players. That’s why one needs to spend energy in almost every action and always has to collect and craft items and materials. However, it still feels quite weird that one is forced to collect enough stones, ore, and seeds to grow trees and grass or simply open a gate on the land. If I need extra seeds for growing grass, why should I buy grass in the first place? And what stone and ore have to do with grass planting?

Joy Kingdom brings no inventive gameplay, preoccupies players in similar quests all the time, and presents 3D pictures that won’t allow for a closer look. Although it does carry a brand-new theme, it fails to offer an equally engrossing gaming experience.

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