Kabam Brings The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age to Web Browsers; Closed Beta Launched

Today, developer Kabam quietly launched the closed beta for “The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age“, a browser-based Strategy game in which players can build their kingdom by constructing various structures, resource faculties and military buildings, training armies as well as attacking and looting enemies in massive multiplayer campaigns.

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Unlike the Hobbit: Kingdoms Middle Earth, The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age has added a new race “Orc”, and an entirely different attacking concept that gives players more freedom to control their armies in the battlefield. Meanwhile, the game throws away the wall as its defensive structure while offering crossbow tower, longbow tower and trebuchet tower that work a bit like the archer tower in Clans of Clan. You can easily deploy your strategy because your these defensive towers have a given radius to attack the invaders. The radius will be visible when you move your cursor over the structure.

As we checked troops, we found there are also some new units added, and since we are only testing the “Dwarf”, one of three races, we may not give you detailed information about how much difference the game has added so far in the web version of The HOBBIT.

Due to the unstable performance in the closed beta, the game also has some bugs and unpleasant experiences in controls and loading. You can play the beta via this link. We will review the game when the game is fully released or in the open beta at least.

Below are tree race’s profile:

Elves: The first people of Middle-earth, Elves are graceful folk who have built majestic strongholds in many of the great forests.

Owarves: Master builders renowned for their ornate and sprawling kingdoms, the Dwarves are a stout, strong, and proud people.

Orcs: Warlike creatures who have often served evil masters, Orcs are incredibly resilient and fearsome.

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