King of Mercenaries

Mercenary Might is a mobile turn-based strategy game set in the fictional mythology, presenting a set of cartoonish characters and graphic visuals. In the game, you control a hero from Alexander, King Arthur, Sophia, Echeverra to battle against waves of enemies.


In 600AD, with the number of devout humans dwindling, the GOds of Olympus are losing control of mankind. Enraged, the Gods of howled, and in an instant, shattered earth and sky.

In the Face of this crisis, the leaders of mankind, four noble kings, banded together to challenge the Gods of Olympus. With unmatched strength and battle prowess, the power of the light filled their hearts.

To save humanity, they must launch a final assault against the divine power of the Gods. The fight for life and death begins.

MMORPG, MMO, Online Games for free

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