Kings of The Realm

Kings of The Realm is an epic browser-based MMORTS developed by DigitGame Studios and published by Kabam. The game lets you manage your empire by building a few structures to either defend your realm or recruit units to attack other players and NPCs around the world map.

On the surface, Kings of The Realm is a different IP, but it bears a strong resemblance to Kabam’s Like Dragons of Atlantis and Hobbit Armies in terms of gameplay. The game is broken down into two parts: World View and Realm View. In the Realm view, you will do most of the jobs required to complete quests. For example, you will have to build defense walls, recruit units, produce resources (Timber/Ore/Food/Stone). While on the world map, you are able to scout and attack  AI-based realms or realms controlled by real players. Meanwhile, you can also level up your commander to win more battles and loot.

Although the battle mechanism used in Clash of Clans is a fine example for developers who attempt to make a mid-core strategy game, Kings of The Realm does not employ this relatively popular battle system. Instead, it uses the old-fashioned battle frame under which there is no real animated battle scene, and what you will see, after the battle is over, a battle report including information of your units, loot,etc. This mechanic is also used in Stormfall and Soldier INC.

Kings of The Realm is a massively multiplayer browser game. The game is fully zoomable and supports fullscreen. If you want to seek more players to play together, you can join an alliance or build your own alliance to recruit members.

The game is currently in closed beta. If you are interested in playing this game, just click Play Now to head the official website.


Full review coming soon.

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