Kingsbridge is a social tower defense and offense game available on Facebook. It weaves tower defense and offense into a conventional social gaming experience that revolves around energy consuming in the form of resource collecting and structure constructing.


It is not the first to mix tower defense and offense. Tower of Mystoria, also available on Facebook, offers a combination of tower defense, attack, and territory management. But, Mystoria’s territory management excludes stamina system and focuses on the tower defending and attacking.

Kingsbridge, on the contrary, mostly keeps players fulfilling missions inside the territory. It sets the territory in a small land divided into small parts and has players unlock them one by one after they meet set requirements. Players need to repair structures, deploy military buildings, construct defensive towers, farms and lumber mills, produce necessary resources and recruit units.

And during that process, players need to supply cottages with food and collect gold from them. Both actions, as well as harvesting from farms, consume energy. As is in most social games, energy refills over time and replenishes upon character level-ups in Kingsbridge.

Where there is the stamina system, there is energy shortage, which always puts players in no position to do anything in a social game. That is still true in this game, even though it incorporates tower defending and offending. Players could unlock campaign battles only when they complete required quests and those quests lie far between. Also, finished campaigns are not open to revisits, leaving players unable to kill time in the game while waiting for energy refills.

Also different from Tower of Mystoria, Kingsbridge confines tower offending in campaign map and PVP battles while providing tower defense only inside territories. Similar to Plants vs. Zombies: Adventures, this game puts players in occasional tower defense sessions where enemies come to attack cottages, farms and other structures, and player’s previously deployed defense structures counterattack.

Both tower defending and offending are simple in Kingsbridge. In the campaigns, players determine unit types and unit numbers and then dispatch the desired units on a spot, and those units will automatically rush into enemy camps to destroy buildings. In territory defense battles, however, enemies run along one or more of the roads, and deployed defensive towers will shoot arrows or cannon balls towards enemies – and there is nothing players can do during these battles. Either way, Kingsbridge brings weak and tiresome battle experience and fails to pique players’ interest.

Focusing on social elements can’t make this game a delight, nor can weak tower defending and offending. The result is an utter disappointment. Tower defense games usually come with unlimited (or at least seemingly unlimited) levels and players can always challenge these levels whenever they like. That is missing from this title, never to mention that it gets players stuck in energy shortage in less than an hour. Stamina system is already tiresome enough in social games, and it can be even more annoying and unwelcome genre-blending titles.

Kingsbridge turns out to be the most boring tower defense and offense game I’ve ever met and it contains nothing special to hold players.

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