Legend of Slayer

Legend of Slayer is a lovely turn-based MMORPG that has just entered its closed beta test. The game features cutely-animated characters, turn-based multiplayer online combat, a plethora of miniature games and etc.


There are totally six characters to choose from when you first log in the game. They are equally cute and attractive that you may regret picking one while missing the rest. Any way, after you nail the character you’d play as, the fantasy journey begins.

A truly detailed tutorial will guide you through every working system of the game, including how to fight, how to collect gear, how to upgrade your equipment, and etc. You will hardly notice you’ve reached level 15 as you follow the mainline quest and click to proceed.

There are two types of quests – main quest and side quest. Generally speaking, main quests reward EXP and side quests reward gold. Only you have reached lv. 18, you can accept side quests. Completing quests will also being you honor, with which you can promote your rank, which determines your daily salary accordingly.

You can have companions by recruiting heroes in the Tavern. There are 3 playable classes, namely Warrior, Mage and Priest. Make good use of these classes can gain you an upper hand in battle. Each class can learn different spells. To learn these spells, you need to first get Spell Shards, will be rewarded after each win in the combat. At first you are allowed to recruit one hero only, but as the game progresses, there will be quests asking you to recruit more.

Like many other MMO games, the game dispatches daily log-in rewards, which accumulates for consecutive log-ins.

As what is described on its official site, the game is cute indeed. But it’s not without flaws as it has just entered CBT. Sometimes the mouse-click is no so responsive. You may have to click multiple times until it finally works. There were also times I got stuck when talking to an NPC. Overall, it’s worth playing, but still a lot of polishment to make.

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