Liberation Maiden Review

Liberation Maiden, originally part of the Nintendo 3DS-based game collection of Guild01, is now a 3D fast-paced shoot’em up available on iOS devices. In the game, players take the role of a girl president of Japan, who pilots a flying mech and smashes enemy’s tanks, vessels, towers, spikes and other structures to cripple enemies’ plot of stealing all the country’s energy.

After her father’s being assassinated, Shoko, who is still a teenage girl, takes over the whole country and now has to learn from experienced officers and follow missions to save Japan. You play as Shoko and fly to island after island, eradicating all the structures, vehicles or structures that are drawing energy from the land or posing threats on your safety.

Starting from anime-style animations, the pictures turn quietly into a mix of 2D and 3D graphics. The avatar, her mech, bridges they would fly over, and the structures on islands, are all presented in 3D while the rest are simply in 2D. And the weird thing is, there is nothing awkward or annoying as far as the pictures are concerned. And it is absolutely enjoyment to watch battleships sink, tanks destroyed and spikes blown up.

Players use the joystick at left bottom to control the movement and perspective and tap the one near the right bottom to inflict damages. Just the way you do in most RPGs and shooters. However, in Liberation Maiden, you don’t have to turn and move to find the best aim angle; instead, you flip on the targets and they will be gone (unless they are strong enough to take more damages).

The visuals are magnificent and the controls are intuitive and enjoyably responsive, let alone the dub throughout the game. But they would be nothing when compared to the diversity and excitement in the shooting experience. You not just release bombs on tanks and towers on the islands, you also spot submarines, sink battleships, disconnect bridges, attack the missiles aiming at you, crush giant burning balls ejecting from your target, avoid the boiling flame spurted out of the land, and even spin your flying mech and drill into the great spike to destroy it from inside. There are always details around the corner that promise surprises and entertainment at the same time.

However, as one digs deeper into the game, they would have to spend more time in destroying great spikes, which would be the final goal in each level, when they have to both break through the weak spots and defend against attacks coming from multiple directions. And even if they survive all the way and finally find their way to the decisive and ultimate Sacrifice Drive, there is still chance of being destroyed inside the spike and therefore failing the level. That is devastatingly upsetting. After all, uncertainty is fun only when you could afford the risk, and the thought of repeating those hopelessly long efforts can be incredibly scaring.

Liberation Maiden pits players in a unique and enthralling shooting experience with every move and scene an absolute feast to the mind and eyes. It is just one of those games whose temptations are simply irresistible.

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