Lunaria Story

Lunaria Story is a 2D side-scrolling MMORPG that combines the elements of classic 2D platformer and RPG. In the game, players are able to perform quests, fight monsters and enemies and train and upgrade pets to battle against enemies. The game features delightful graphics, and simple yet impressive gameplay.

The game is now published by R2Games behind Wartune, Dragon Pals and Yitien.


Chaos has descended upon Lunaria. Tablets of Power, gifts from the gods to the people, have been stolen and corrupted. An evil energy has permeated the land. It’s up to you to unearth the evil forces behind what’s going on, and put a stop to them.

The game features three classes, each with unique skills and abilities. Swordsmen are built to slice and dice, and excel in close combat. Elementalists conjure magic, bringing devastating barrages from near or afar. Hunters use guns, bombs, and other weaponry to get the job done.

The game has a number of popular features players should already be familiar with, as well as several new mechanics.


Lunaria Story provides three classes in both genders for your choice: Swordsman, Hunter, and Elementalist. There is no healer class. Considering how the potions work in this game, you will not be in need of a healer anyway. The game integrates the tutorial system with mainline tasks. Once set foot in Alcedonia, you won’t get any warm-up session and will be directly given the assignment of recovering the Tablets of Powers, the ultimate quest throughout the whole game. Bearing this burden, you will start to complete a succession of mainline tasks, which will at the same time, present you the game’s worldview and how everything works everywhere.

The character can autopath from one destination to the next, accept and complete tasks by automatically entering and finish any battle it comes across. The game provides potion packs that will refill the character’s HP and MP timely. Thus even in a dungeon quest, it will still be safe to switch to AFK mode under which your character finishes the challenge without fail. For the first hour or so, you will be doing nothing other than mindlessly clicking to confirm whatever accomplishment made by your character, and voila, you reach level 35 or so. As the most advanced map in this game is for level-50 players, it is already half-way there.

In case you wish to control the character with your own hands for a change, the keyboard control in Lunaria Story resembles that of an early 2D side-scrolling game. Most of the in-game activities can be performed without the help of a mouse. The arrow keys are for controlling the character’s movements. Space is to jump. R is to talk to a NPC. Numeric keys are for releasing the skills. All of the hotkeys can be reset otherwise to adjust to your force of habit.

Developer of Lunaria Story absorbs in a variety of trendy gaming elements, including the pet system, the farm system and many alternative quest choices. PvP enthusiasts can dueling with one another, and join either the Battle of Might or the weekly Guild Battle, both of which will bring generous rewards.

The game monetizes through the selling of gold coins. Other than being used to purchase stuff from the built-in shop, you can also use it to enhance your character’s stats, its equipments and pets, or even to skip a tough quest. No lock will hold against the power of gold in this game.

Despite how well-crafted it is, Lunaria Story comes across as a social game for kids. For starters, every bit of the game looks childish. All the in-game characters look like 10-year olds, and the enemies they will fight are either animals in costumes or puppet-like creatures. For crying out loud, there are even pacifiers for sale in the shop. Moreover, the game is more like a semi-finished product considering its deficiency in contents. The world map only consists of ten scenes, each of which is small enough to be toured around within seconds. As a massive multiplayer online game, it does not really have that much “space” to hold and keep a massive crowd of players.

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