Mad Merx: Nemesis

Mad Merx: Nemesis is an over-the-shoulder third-person shooter available on iOS devices where players equip with the best gear they’ve bought, and go challenge fellow players in different modes and maps.


There is no tutorial or training section available in Mad Merx: Nemesis, though several pictures illustrate the controls in battles. Players are free to begin a match right after they start the application. One equips with the weapons and outfits in Suit Up, selects among Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Free For All modes, and then enters a room where they are going to shoot as many enemies as possible while striving to keep themselves from getting killed.

Players gain experience through matches and level up once the experience reaches the thresholds. After that, they unlock slots and weapons and are allowed to take on more items and purchase advanced weapons.

One can also view their statistics in the Score section where how many death matches they’ve joined, how many headshots they’ve achieved and how many deaths they’ve been through are all listed.

The operations are more than easy. You use the joystick at the left bottom to move the character, slide the screen to adjust the perspectives and aiming, and tap the button near the right bottom to open fire. Occasionally, you also need to replenish the ammo or use extra items such as grenades to do the job. The controls are intuitive and fluid. One can even change the sensibility of the controls as they see fit, though you’d better avoid the highest sensibility, otherwise you will probably find yourself facing upward towards the ceiling or the sky when you just attempt to aim at the enemy several feet ahead.

There are actually more options available in the game, though the modes seem rather limited. For example, after players reach specific levels, they could unlock sniper, commando, raider who differ in the maximum health, health regeneration and speed from the scot they’ve been using. In battles, players can use other characters once the one in use is killed, instead of waiting for respawn. However, like the special items such as grenades and hypershell, those new characters are available only when you pay premium money.

Mad Merx: Nemesis is a quality shooter sporting easy and fluid controls but one would never have access to all the fun unless they spend some real money.

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