Published by Gravity Interactive, Maestia, as a 3D fantasy MMORPG, is ushering a revolution to the F2P market, with its amazing long list of available skills for every class, and its unprecedented ‘Maestone’ system, which will promise you up to another 70 even more powerful skills. Yet, do not be so naïve to believe multitudinous skills can guarantee your final victory, as you need strategy and wisdom to defeat other equally powerful opponents.


Set in a fantasy world disturbed by the prince of darkness, Maestia gives you two choices to fight for light: Superion Guardians and Temple Knights. Though both factions seek to restore the world of god and light, they differ in beliefs and conceptions. After choosing your cause for fighting, your character development begins! Four classes are available for you, warriors, rangers, mages and priests. In Maestia, warriors are equipped with the most powerful amours and weapons, and are capable of massive damage owing to their high health pool; mages have great spells and abilities to damage more than one enemy at a time, but cannot possibly survive in a toe-to-toe combat; rangers are able to launch a sudden attack and shooting bows from distance, so they do best in ranged combats; priest is an supportive class in Maestia by their magic to heal a dead party member and to destroy enemies with debuffs in group fights.

No matter which class you choose, you have 80 skills open to you for your character customization, but that is not the only thing. Maestone system gives you even more dazzling skills: if you defeat a monster or an enemy, you can get a special stone which is rumored to have been left by a goddess called IEA, and this stone enables you to unlock new skills and abilities. Isn’t that tempting?

Do not think skills and abilities are the only way to customize your character! You can select for your character a gender, a hairstyle, a unique tattoo and specific body constitution. Besides, you can also choose between two modes, easy mode and hard mode. The harder one is surely the more challenging one, but it can also promise you more and better loots. You know your choice!

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