Magecraft is a new strategy city-building game from Plarium, the creator of Soldier INC., Stormfall, and Total Domination. The game mainly lets you build your empire by constructing a bunch of buildings, training a variety of magic units and ultimately fighting against an array of enemies across different worlds. Developer Plarium seems crazy about re-skinning their fully fledged formula of building a city and then finding an enemy to attack. This mechanism has almost been used in all of their games yet with different themes. Honestly, when I saw Plarium’s first game Total Domination, I was amazed by the built-in features such as Voice acting, stunning graphics, and detailed building models. It turns out to be an addictive strategy game with a lot of fun.

What if a good thing was cloned a hundred times? I believe you will soon lose interest if a new game you are playing was completely identical to the one you played a hundred times. That said, Magecraft, despite being attractive in its fantasy theme, is merely another clone in the series of Plarium strategy games.


Full Review Coming Soon.

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