Magic 2014 Review

Prepare yourselves, my fellow Planeswalkers. Magic: the Gathering is now on your tablets! Now you don’t have to be bothered by real people when you are itching to play Magic! Magic 2014 enters the battle arena with a number of new features to keep its loyal fans coming back for more.


This tablet centric Magic game comes at you with up to 10 different decks, each with 5 unlockable cards. The unique single player campaign takes you from The Planes of Alara all the way to Zendikar. The UI you will face in your quest through the various Planes is a pleasing experience.

Just in case you download this game and are not particularly well versed in the world of Magic, fret not. The game will take you through a very extensive tutorial process. I went into the tutorial, just to get refreshed on my Magic gameplay, and I emerged from that experience about 45 minutes later. Good crasher course for those who are not yet into the game, but want to be part of the Magic community.

At its very basic, the game is a trading card game, as if you didn’t know that already. The good thing about the app is that you can experience all the fun of playing Magic without having to learn all the card positioning and attacking system. The game takes care of all that monotonous little work that makes the game take forever.

The only thing about the game doing all of the little actions for you is that it does take some time. Magic 2014 is not a fast game by any means. When you play the game, make sure that you have a lot of spare time; which leads me to the biggest issue I had with the game. If I buy an app for Magic: the gathering I want to be able to play it on the go. I don’t always have my deck with me, but I usually have my tablet on me. I just want it to play faster than if I was actually playing.

Another bad thing about the app is that it costs $ 10. It is free to download, but the game is just a skeleton of what it could be. Without the full game you will not have access to any multiplayer or 7 of the 10 possible decks. On top of that you are missing out on another 250 new cards in the game. Though, I guess a full deck in Magic: the Gathering will cost much, much more than the measly $ 10 they are asking for.

Even though I know the card game, it is difficult to make moves with the app, because it only allows you to press a certain card at a certain time. This is why it is intended for tablets only. I tried it on my Note 2 and it would crash during almost every game. Just keep it on a tablet and it will be ok.

Magic 2014 aesthetics are not that impressive. When the cards are on the table to you can just barely see what they are. The attack animations leave you wanting more. Though, the animations on the cards are pretty accurate when close up I wish they would have done something with the fact that it is on a new platform.

Overall, the app is a fun time, assuming you enjoy trading card games. Those that are new to Magic will have a hard time starting to play, but the game does a really good job at teaching you, and making sure you do not make a huge mistake. If all you want is a Magic: the gathering outlet, then Magic 2014 will keep you entertained for hours, literally. If you want a game that is quick and simple you might want to look somewhere else.

Finally, if you are willing to put up $ 10 in order to play this game, then it will surely be worth it. If you aren’t a Magic fan already it might be difficult for you to put forth the money, and I would not blame you for that. Everyone should download the free version and try it out for themselves.

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