Marketland is Facebook-based social simulation game where the players manage a store, create an indoor design /display and sell products for customers who frequently visit the place.

In the game, the player can order different products from different suppliers, expand the store, launch campaigns and try to transform it into a big department store. The player’s options increase as the levels go higher as every new level gives him/her the opportunity to unlock new items, earn more and to spend more.

Increasing Luxury Points helps you serve customers with higher budgets, which means you can make more coins. To increase Luxury Points, you need to place decorative items in your store. All decorative items have different Luxury Points, especially the ones purchased with Marketland Cash usually have higher Luxury Points.


Marketland is a great experience of transforming a small corner shop into a huge store! We will review the game soon.

MMORPG, MMO, Online Games for free

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