Marvel Heroes Review

Superhero MMOs are nothing new, but only in the past few years have we seen some of our favourite comic book universes brought to life by the popular genre. In 2011, Sony Online Entertainment threw down the gauntlet with the DC Universe Online, leaving Marvel fans pining for their own slice of MMO action. What they got, however, was the kid-friendly Marvel Super Hero Squad Online. Needless to say, hardcore gamers and comic aficionados alike were left in the cold, but all that is about to change.

Enter: Marvel Heroes. Developed by Gazillion Entertainment (who also produced Super Hero Squad Online) this is the MMO Marvel fans have been holding out for. Featuring a huge cast of classic and lesser-known characters, Heroes borrows heavily from games such as Diablo and Torchlight, adding its own multiplayer twist.

Instead of creating your own characters to use in the Marvel universe, you are given the option of five starter heroes including The Thing, Daredevil, Storm, Scarlet Witch, and Hawkeye. Although you can only select one, additional heroes can be unlocked by shelling out real money or unlocking them randomly during play. It’s a bold design choice by Gazillion though each hero is treated respectively and are given in-game powers that truly reflect their comic book representation.

Your choice in hero will ultimately determine how the game plays out. Characters such as Hawkeye and Storm are well-suited for long-range attacks whereas The Hulk, and Wolverine excel in close combat. Whoever you chose, Marvel Heroes’ simple control scheme remains the same with two primary attacks mapped to the mouse and others assigned to hotkeys. As mentioned before, the real-time gameplay is influenced by dungeon crawlers like Diablo, players completing missions, felling bosses, and collecting loot from a top-down perspective. All that’s different is that everything has been reskinned to fit the Marvel universe.

That, and a particular focus on multiplayer. Though Marvel Heroes can be played like single player RPG, it also features online segments of gameplay that are mostly optional. Each of the game’s chapters take place on sprawling maps that multiple players can inhabit at one time, similar to your traditional MMO. Here, players can either grind on enemy mobs or group up to take on random events such as the sudden appearance of supervillains like Venom or Rhino. Dozens of players can rally together seamlessly to take on these events with each participant rewarded with loot. Of course, you don’t have to partake in these activities. Instead, you can wander through chapters alone and disable the game’s grouping system in order to tackle dungeons and other instances by yourself.

Whether it’s completing missions, defeating enemies, or exploring new locales, Marvel Heroes will shower players with gold and experience. As expected, the latter will increase your character’s level and unlock additional active and passive abilities. Gold, on the other hand, is simply used to buy equipment and supplies from vendors who will also buy your unwanted loot. Crafting materials will also appear from time to time and can be taken to the Avengers Tower to enhance your gear.

The XP rate in Marvel Heroes is much more generous than in other MMOs with the game’s story serving as another incentive to progress. Conveyed through a number of well-crafted cutscenes and character dialogue, it doesn’t have much substance though justifies why so many Marvel heroes and villains have come together in this one particular storyline.

Gazillion’s commitment to production value doesn’t stop there, either. Each of the heroes on offer have their own wardrobes of unlockable costumes, inspired by classic designs and memorable comic events. Environments may not be visually arresting though are well varied and populated by enemies and super villains who have been given just as much attention. On top of that, Marvel Heroes also throws in destructible objects and ragdoll psychics to add a subtle yet empowering effect.

Well-designed with hours upon hours of content, Marvel Heroes is easily one of the strongest and most refreshing free-to-play MMOs of the year. Even if you aren’t a fan of the popular comic universe its refined gameplay alone is worthy enough to attract all sorts of gamers.

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