Megapolis is a social city building game for Facebook and mobile devices from Social Quantum. The game allows players to build their own city with all necessary infrastructures and decorations, and accommodate more population in an effort to attract their friends and neighbors.


Megapolis shares a similar gameplay with Zynga’s CityVille, allowing players to become the mayor of a city and make it a metropolis by all means. For example, both of games need to build residential houses, ensuring the growth of population. In return, the citizens will help produce profits. Both of games feature a task system that instructs players to build their city step by step and along the way, they will be rewarded with something necessary to build more buildings or upgrade the ready buildings. But they also have something different: CityVille uses the Energy mechanic under which each action should consume energy, which sometimes limits player’s motivation to build more if they run out of energy while Megapolis removes such restriction, offering unlimited actions such as collecting taxes, building cafeterias, hospitals, shops and basketball courts, as well as upgrading infrastructure. They all can be achieved by spending Coins.

That does not means Megapolis is better than CityVille in other ways.  Many effect pieces set in Megapolis are not so good as CityVille, not to mention CityVille 2, which improves especially on city’s look and skills. CityVille 2 feels like being in a 3D virtual city with many new concepts and technology in store while Megapolis seems to be in the elementary stage in terms of the technology it uses.

The full review Coming soon. So far, Megapolis has been a great title since there are over 20M users registering the game.

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