Merc Elite

Merc Elite is a browser-based military MOBA from Bigpoint, a creator behind a few big names like Rising Cities and Drakensang Online. Powered by Unity 3D engine and featuring fast-paced combats, a variety of advanced weaponry and an assortment of battlefield options, the game aims to bring you to a realistic modern warfare where your strategical cunning are given full play.


This online team-based shooter pits you into the shoes of an ex-military mercenary with a simple and compelling mission to lead your orders to battle against a ruthless and deadly enemy group that is willing to move heaven and earth to make you fall. The tried-and-true 5vs5 mechanism seems familiar, but a few refreshing twists enables Merc Elite to step out from the pack.

At the outset, you will choose among five customizable and upgradable classes, namely tanky Juggernaut with high health and solid armor but weak in long-ranged attacks, effective damage-inflicting Assault with a large scope of weapon selections, swift and flexible Recon with a strategizing mind, potent Heavy Gunner who is able to take down enemies half way down the map, and the Tactician, whose aptitude to track enemies, launch airstrike and implement sophisticated arms etc are extremely significant.

In this era of guerrilla battles with large conglomeration to back up contract soldiers, you will see a dazzling lineup of near-future weapons. Moreover, you are going to feel a real chill and thrill on the battlefield owing to its realistic touches. Covers are needed to dodge unnecessary damages, and direct-fire mechanism makes shooting spree possible even for jaded newbies. To make things even more interesting and absorbing, an assortment of tactical choices secure intense and heart-pounding actions throughout the game. As you progress in the game, a lot more new weapons, abilities and combats will be unlocked for you. But be on your toes, the difficulty level ramps up too as your weapons grow stronger. To be sure, this is not a game where your victory depends solely on brawn and sinews. It takes wise decision and crafty tactics to take down those sly and well-equipped baddies.

All in all, with stunning 3D graphics, a dazzling array of high-tech weapons, realistic and multitudinous battlegrounds, a sea of tactic options and intuitive direct-fire system, Merc Elite really enjoys great potential.

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