Mira Game Announces the Open Beta of Dragon Heart Online

After years of development, the strategy RPG “Dragon Heart Online” starts its Open Beta Test on January 31st, 2015. In the OBT, what surprises and new gameplays will Dragon Heart bring about? Let’s take a look!

➢ Three classes release
Master of elements. Good at both attacking and healing.
Refer to Mage, the first thing we thought maybe their superb magic effect and terrible damage power. In Dragon Heart Online, Mage can not merely train in increasing damage power, but also can become a good healer to support team.

As an attacker, warrior is invincible; as a defender, indestructible.
Wearing heavy armor and holding heavy sword, the art to be a warrior is to lay equal stress on both strength and wisdom. When a warrior holds long sword to join combat, wherever he goes he leaves skeletons behind. While a warrior plays sword and shield is like a panzer – he possess a tough body and despise enemies’ attack.

Act nimble and quickly. Excellent assists and controllers.
Skilled in bow and armdart, archers are swift attackers with high dodge ability. Their powerful long-range attack and cool controlling skills can control and weaken enemies, meanwhile help teammate to get rid of debuff in a critical moment.

➢ Endless adventures in 6 maps

➢ Team work to challenge maze-like dungeons
3 dungeons will open during open beta. They are Secret Burrow, Abandoned Goldmine and Giant Fish Hollow.

Secret Burrow
Difficulty: simple and suitable for solo or team.
In the deep of Secret Burrow, there is a hidden entrance. Once a farmer lost his way and entered it by mistake, but he found another world inside. Someone said it’s only an illusion made by monsters. But we still wait for the truth to come out!

Abandoned Goldmine
Difficulty: medium and suitable for team to fight.
Centuries before, when exploring in remote mountains in the west of Golden Lights Foothill, some adventurers discovered rare minerals and precious gems by a chance. But conflicts of interest broke between them, at that time, an earthquake happened suddenly. Mountains fell, earth split and many people died in that disaster. Hundreds of years past, now the Abandoned Goldmine is occupied by vigorous Ogre brothers.

Giant Fish Hollow
Difficulty: difficult and we suggest you to go in team.
On sandy beach of south coast, there is a giant fish-like mountain. Some braves had once found shipwreck treasures from the stone fish and when this message spreads, more people go there to try their fortune. But monsters inside are formidable, many people would never come out alive.

➢ Breathtaking “Trial Field” newly opens
In OBT, new challenge Trial Field will release. It is designed for single player to challenge and pass through checkpoints. When more checkpoints are triggered, the difficulty will increase. Player will encounter with extreme test here. Trial Field is a brutal battlefield, a stage of the braves and a place to prove power! Dare to try?

➢ Elite monsters ready to attack!
Feel bored to fight in the wild? No challenge when defeating common monsters? The arrival of powerful elite monsters will change all these things! When fighting with monsters in wild, players now have chance to meet elite monsters. These guys have unique skills and you can’t despise them. They are tough and not easy to be defeated, so the one who wins the battle will get attractive spoils.

Find more from the official site: www.dragonheartonline.com

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