Monster Hunter Online

Monster Hunter Online, a joint effort by Japan-based Capcom and China-based Tencent, is the 15th installation into the beloved Monster Hunter series from Capcom. This new game again turns players into hunters who hunt and capture all kinds of animals in the wilderness.


Powered by CryEngine 3, this game, like all the previous titles in the series, features realistic and rich visuals. The scenes range from ancient primitive villages through thick forest and immense prairie, all distinctive from each other except for their holding ferocious wild animals.

Those wild animals are the stars in this title. They come in different types and sizes and instead of being weak and vulnerable; they each enjoy their own strength and power and in the meantime, suffer from their own weaknesses. For instance, the fire-breathing dinosaur might not have the long and terrible tail that could sweep a few hunters away with a single blow.

It requires more than valor and luck to survive in the confrontations against those monsters. Since there is no class classification, players mainly focus on honing their skills in battling monsters, taking advantage of the varying environment, and if necessary, cooperating with their partners in dealing with formidable monsters.

While retaining the quality graphics and fierce confrontations between players and their game in the series, Monster Hunter Online introduces new maps, weapons and monsters and even enable players to handle their game in their own way. In addition, the realistic blood and gore display further highlights the likeness to a real-life hunting experience.

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