Munchie Mania

Munchie Mania is a new Facebook matching puzzle game from Geewa, the maker of Pirates Poker and Pool Live Tour.


I’m a huge fan of match-3 games like Candy Crush Saga, Pet Rescue Saga, Jelly Splash on whatever platforms. I would dump a couple of hours each day to give each of them several attempts. If there has to be a gripe about these games, it must be that they don’t support multiplayer play. Fortunately, I find something that could get that itch scratched in Munchie Mania, a Facebook-based color-matching game.

The mechanics of Munchie Mania are nothing different or unique as opposed to many other color matching games. You simply try to connect as many as adjacent colored regular hexagons in one move. You can create multipliers to boost your scores. And if you make a line of same color candies across the board all candies below will fall.

Unlike others, Munchie Mania is based on rounds instead of levels. Each round tasks you to match as many as candies within 75 seconds. The more you match, the better your score will be. So technically you are racing against time and there isn’t much time to think about it. Once you click on one colored block, there is no turning back to choose another block of a different color. You have to continue the play as fast as your reflex could allow.

What’s truly unique about this games is that it allows one player to go on a duel with another real player in Duel Mode, which puts players’ matching skills and reflex to the ultimate test. The best ways to guarantee wins in duels: hone your matching skills in Single Mode and make use of the boosters you collected.

Of course there will be “lives” that could put a limit on your play time. Each round of play consume one life. Lives can recover over time – each 10 minute grants you one life. Lives can also be gained via IAP or duel.

Munchie Mania is a pleasant surprise to be seen on Facebook. Even though its single-player challenges could get old in mere minutes, its adrenaline-pumping duel mode, to a great extent, makes up for it. If you are confident with your matching skills and fast reflex, you’ve got to give it a try.

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