Mutants: Genetic Gladiators

Mutants: Genetic Gladiators is a Facebook-based strategy game where you train your own mutant gladiators and lead them to engage in futuristic battles. Like Dragon City and Monster Legends, the game allows you to breed Mutants together to create strange new creatures and collect them all to build your team of fighters.


Mutants: Genetic Gladiators is not for those pressed for time. (Though, if you are playing Facebook games chances are you’re not pressed for time.) This is a turn based science fantasy game with some RPG elements. You play the game as a “Psy-captain”, and it is your duty to level up your Mutants in order to slay enemies on the battleground. It is a turn based fighting system with simple and easy commands. Click what action you want to take with a specific Mutant, and then click on what enemy you want to do that action to. Sounds pretty simple right?

Well…it is simple. The learning curve to this game is quite small. The hardest thing to figure out is how to actually merge, or “breed”, the different Mutants. In order to vanquish your foes on the battlefield you need to make your mutants as powerful as they can be. This is done by merging them together with what is known as “mutosterone”. There are at least 72 different species of Mutant you can unlock. Ranging from things you know like, demons, aliens, androids, colossus, and medusa. To Mutants you don’t know like, undead dragons and the illustrious “honey Bunny”. A good thing to know about the merging process is, the order you merge the Mutants in is important. The new Mutant will take the dominant trait of the first listed monster. The dominant trait is important in battle because of the strengths and weaknesses of each type of Mutant; more on that Later. Mutosterone is gained by winning in battle, or by purchasing it with real money. The Merging process is done in real-time. So unless you want to sit there for a couple of hours waiting for your Mutant to merge, you might need to put some real money into this game.

If you do not intend to put actual money into the game it is going to be a grind. Many hours spent waiting for bigger and better monsters to merge all so you can see their power on the battlefield. The most power can be achieved by creating Mutants that are genetically diverse with lots of experience. The amount of combinations you can make is incredible, but each new Mutant has to be unlocked before you can merge it. On top of that, after it is merged it needs a specific kind of holding pen so that it does not kill the other Mutants that you have bred. Unlocking these new items takes a lot of tokens which are won in the fighting arena.

The fighting in the game is fun, for a short time. Your Mutants do not heal after each battle so you have to be careful about how many battles you have in a row. During battle you must be aware of how you approach the enemies. The different Types of Mutant factors into whether or not you get a +25% attack bonus, or a -25% attack difference. Each Mutant only has two attacks to choose from, so the animations do get old after a while. Also, the amount of damage you do during an attack seems to be a bit too random. Though, an interesting part of the battles is that you can invite your Facebook friends and have their monsters help you out in battle. This is called a Tag Team and it is a very powerful move. You are shown its true potential in your very first battle.

For me, this game embodies everything that Facebook gaming has become. They give you a little taste of how fun it could be, and then they make you buy everything that makes the game half decent. For most of you out there that don’t want to pour money into a Facebook game, this might not be for you. However, the game does have its moments. The Tag Team attacks are quite fun when pulled off and the animation is good enough for Facebook. The Game will keep you occupied for hours on end if you do decide to take it on. All in all, the game is a good break from looking at all your old pictures on Facebook. Definitely worth a look if you have some time on your hands, or a bit of spare money lying around.

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