Mystery Abbey

Mystery Abbey is a hidden object game for android developed by Kiwi, Inc. and published by Fruit Salad Games. The game allows you to join the secret league and follow the storyline to travel the world in an effort to find the crucial evidence of compromising the Dragon’s villainous plot.


Mystery Abbey abides by the same rule of what a standard hidden object game offers, featuring high-resolution visual vividness and subtle layout of scenery items, but its storyline suffers from some inconsistency with the game’s object of finding the mysterious dragon.

The overall feel of Mystery Abbey takes on Playdom’s Threads of Mystery, or Zynga’s Hidden Chronicle. Inside the city is where you need to build various structures such as Amelia’s House, Cellar, Russian Hall, and Stone Tower, etc. The buildings and decorations you place in the city serve to increase your Prestige that can help unlock more scenes. Out of the city, players are able to play various scenes across the world such as Eiffel Tower, Paris Riverbank and Pyramids.

The full review coming soon.

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