New Facebook Games For January 2013

The end of the year is a great time for developers to think about what they get done for last year and set goals for the new year 2013. For social game developers, they might blow hot and cold on the question of moving to develop mobile games, or keep developing social games. Perhaps, they already decided. Instead of developing games, we cover and track games.

Over the past two years, we’ve witnessed that the number of social games keeps decreasing and social games on Facebook were down 30-40% compared to the year before, while the number of active players of Zynga’s games plunged over 20%, according to a report from InsideSocialGames.

As most of game industry practitioners predicted that social games are going to be dead, we believe social games on Facebook are now experiencing a tremendous change and will see more than tremendous changes in the years to come.

But today, we manage to collect some new promising Facebook, released or to be released this month, for your reference.

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Invincible Armada is a good social game on Facebook and it allows players to build their fleets and travel various places to explore treasure, battle against other players. It features sea battles, online trading in various cities, and a compelling story that serves to complete quests.

In Forbidden Garden, players are tasked to defeat other heroes and find the secret of ultimate power to dominate the world. The game also lets players build their citadel following quests and get rewards upon the completion of quests. This game has awesome graphics, you will love it.

We may know the film of “Soldiers of Fortune“, but a social game called “Soldiers of Fortune” also reminds you of a military theme. Yes, This game is about a military strategy, and it works in many ways like Jagged Alliance Online. You control your soldier and fire the enemies in a turn-based battle campaign. Fun and addictive, it requires you to deploy your tactics before attack.

For anyone who loves games with a theme of fairy tale, they might like Happy Tale. This game has sharp graphics and good storyline, but it is nevertheless a familiar experience of chopping trees, mining stones, managing your kingdom.

Astropolis is a space building strategy game. I recommend this game simply because the game’s controls and animations are as great as galaxy life. You build your space, train troops and attack other colony’s settlers. That is the way Astropolis works.

Digital Chocolate has done many great social games, but its latest one “Kings and Warlords” is not a good one. Maybe the company just fills up its portfolio with such a strategy game.

We basically do not like Slot machine game, but Zynga Elite Slots features something different: a happy tale presentation combined with monster battles.

Atlas Raider is not yet released, but according to the developer, this game will be also published by Zynga. So it is worth waiting for its release.

Last but not least, we spotted two new games this morning, and we will review them later.

The Insanity

The Day X

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