New Rock City

New Rock City is a brand new town building game for Facebook. Like all previous games of the same genre, New Rock City tasks players to rebuild the destroyed House of the Investors and restore the prosperity of the town.


The graphics are refreshing enough. When I first enter the game, I thought it was something set in the stone age. Everything was so primitive. And it’s all your task to get things settled. A brief tutorial will guide you through the basics, which you may have encountered a hundred times in similar games.

Seemingly simple, the work at hand will keep you on the go. Following the quest indicator, you will have to set up buildings, collect resources, plant crops, and feed the cows, etc. Most of these actions take some energy to fulfill. And every action you take will earn you experience, which can help you level up and unlock more items.

There are generally three types of materials: wood, stone, water, which can respectively be collected from trees, stones and plants. Each material can be collected multiple times from one tree/stone/plant, which does not make much sense other than adding some repetitive clicking work.

You can occasionally visit neighbors if you like. You can draw from their experience of how to build a prosperous town and make profits. You can even collect profits from your neighbors. Of course it requires some energy to fulfill, which is pretty limited though.

As what’s common about Facebook games, when energy is used up, you can either buy with real money or ask help from Facebook friends.

In short, New Rock City is not the creative kind of game with innovative gameplay. But at least it could be a solid town building game that has pretty everything you may ask for. If you are a fan of the genre, you cannot go wrong with just dumping some minutes in it.

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