Ninja Heroes

Ninja Heroes is a side-scrolling MMORPG fro web browsers published by Voomga, which also publishes games such as War of Throne, Skyripper and Mythic Saga.

The game is originally published by Ninja2u under the title “Bubble Ninja“. In January 15, 2013,Voomga announced the newly named game and will launch its open beta in January 24, 2013,


Ninja Heroes is a browser-based anime-style MMORPG inspired by the beloved anime series Naruto. In this game, the player assumes the role of ninja to travel around a side-scrolling world where he or she attempts to master different elements, battle monsters and enemies, and ultimately become the powerful Ninja Hero.

The game is set in a side-scrolling world consisting of various small places where players move left, right, up and down to find the target NPCs or monsters as required by the quests. The side-scrolling style works perfectly with the game theme. There is no other type of characters that would be more suitable for going up and up through a single hanging rope.

However, although the maps are somewhat unique, the gaming experience is roughly the same as in most 2D MMORPGs. Players travel inside town, meet NPCs to accept various missions, learn active and passive skills and gradually master their specific nature elements, including wind, fire, water and lightning. The automatic navigation and fighting ease the gaming experience and players can click the underlined texts in mission bars to complete quests, which leaves them nothing to do besides clicking once in a while, purchasing necessary items such as HP potions and enhancing equipment whenever necessary.

The game boils down to boredom in the end. The quests require visits to the same maps again and again to slay varying numbers of the same type of monsters. Mostly you have to kill tens of or even scores of the same monsters, and in these cases it is much easier to enable the AFK mode and make the avatar fight automatically.

Levelup at the beginning is unnecessarily fast and very slow afterwards. Once you reach level 16, the only main quest requires you to reach 20 before you have access to the next one, and you won’t be able to do that even if you’ve finished all the available side quests. Resting and participating in daily events will bring lots of experience. However, those events only put you inside dedicated dungeons full of specific monsters or against invincible Boss monsters, and the grinding killing is therefore unavoidable.

The game obviously attempts to satisfy players with lovely visuals and interesting designs. The bobble head cartoon characters, the diversified cute pets and even the transformations into pandas all promise visual fun. All the maps are understandably small and are distinctive and beautiful, all populated with various kinds of creatures. The Ramen available at the town restaurant serve as the HP potions while the milk as Chakra potions. Players can get virtually married in the game or rest together with another player to obtain extra experience bonus. They can also capture pets which boost the stats of their avatars.

The game adds a special way of social connection between players. The system automatically recommends the top players for newbie players to choose the one they like to be their sensei, or in other words, tutors. The devs meant well but the result might not be what they wanted in the first place. Since they always recommend the same group of top players, all the newbies apply to be the apprentices of those players. It is totally understandable for those top players to decline the most of the requests but in that way, the considerate and sweet design will only end up as a frustrating experience for most newbie players and an annoying and disturbing one for those top ones.

Ninja Heroes implements a side-scrolling presentation into the RPG experience reminiscent of Maple Story, but it nevertheless becomes as grinding as you play longer.

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