Once Upon a Night

Developed by WYSE Games and published by 6waves Games, Once Upon a Night is a Facebook-based simulation and adventure game where you adventure into the fairy-tale world filled with familiar childhood characters and mythical creatures and help restore the former beauty of the magic forest.

You got lost in this fantasy world, which has been bewitched. You need to chop down the wild trees and weeds so as to find the way home. But first you’ve got to acquire the axes, which will be rewarded when you complete certain quest. You can also buy axes at the Store or forge them at the smithy.

The cleaning work is sort of repetitive and tedious. When the helpers are doing the job, you can literally do nothing but watch over it. But you have to stand with it as you can gathered much needed resources from it. And you don’t have to worry there being no work to do, as the weeds are bewitched and they grow again and again. Digging them up will earn you experience and resources, and meanwhile free up a space for the construction of new buildings.

As you clean up the space, you also need to do another important work, that is, collect mana and set up fires to fend off the attacks of monsters. Mana can be garnered through growing seeds, collecting income from the buildings, or IAP.

There are a series of quests to be done. Be aware that some of the quests require you to collect a certain quantity of resources, but the resource counting starts only after you accept the quest, which means even if you already have the required resources, you must collect them again. For other quests, the resources that you already have will be counted.

When you want to take some time off the work at home, you can take a trip to your Facebook friends’ bases, learning from them and helping them on their work.

Usually I’m not a huge fan of simulation games like this. But Once Upon a Night has done nothing wrong. It has a fantasy story setting, dark yet mystical circumstance, building and defending elements. Simply put, it’s could serve as a good time-killer if you are really into this genre.

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