Pako King: DreamWorks Adventures

Dreamworks’ presence in our world is marked by a great bunch of household anime films, to name but a few, Shrek, Kung fu Panda, Madagascar and many more. The cutely-animated characters from these films formed a great part of our childhood memories and it’s always a pleasant experience to see them appearing in a video game.


Pako King: Dreamworks Adventure has been great bringing the concept to life. In terms of gameplay, it bears a resemblance to King’s smash-hit Facebook casual game Papa Pear Saga. Your in-game task is simple and straight – shoot bouncing balls from the upper middle of the screen in random directions in an effort to clear all the Red Gems placed all over the board.

You are given limited steps/orbs to complete each level. Your final score is made of two parts, the points you gain through hitting the targets and the orbs left unused. Generally speaking, the more orbs left after clearing all the required gems, the more points you will be able to garner.

There is also a moving bucket at the bottom of the screen, into which if your ball happens to fall, you will earn a free orb. Free orbs can also be won if you rack up 1000 points in one single move.

Getting the highest score in a level will make you the Pako King, who gets the most respect, and meanwhile a lot of free coins, which are needed to enter each level of play. There are three modes for each level that require different amount of coins and allow different boosters.

Pako King: Dreamworks Adventure is an incredible casual game to play indeed. It includes a series of stages, each consists of 6 levels and is represented by a character from the Dreamworks’ universe. Beyond that, there is a great deal of randomness and replayability of game that will keep you addicted for a couple of hours at least.

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