Pet Rescue Saga

Renowned for a series of “Saga” puzzle games, such as Candy Crush Saga and Pyramid Solitaire Saga etc., now adds another entry in this series—Pet Rescue Saga. On top of the tested and tried puzzle game mechanics, Pet Rescue Saga boasts of plenty of twists and polish to make it particularly appealing.


As its name indicates, you don’t enter the game merely to match and clear columns. More often than not, you have a sacred mission to save the trapped animals from being squished. You will truly know what it is like to have a lacerating conscience when you hear the anguished wailing of a little piglet, which you could have saved with better and faster moves. Of course, in addition to pigs, you will find a whole array of animals, including dogs and pigeons ensnared on piles of blocks or sandwiched between columns.

Unlike traditional puzzle games, which feature three consecutive gems as the minimum number in a group, Pet Rescue Saga allows you to clear two adjourning gems as a group. The Diamond Dash-style gem-matching gameplay drives you to click as many groups as possible in the grid of colored gems. What is more interesting is that you are able to clear immediately columns on the screen by a “rocket”, which lies at the bottom of the screen and can be charged when you match larger groups. Surely, this “rocket” together with tools like hammers can be purchased but can cost a lot.

Another innovative characteristic of this game is its “Lives” system. A certain objective is set for you in every puzzle scene, and you will lose a life if you fail to accomplish it. However, if you succeed to complete the objective, you will be awarded with a bonus between one and three stars. Caution! You may need to wait for hours if you fail for five times, before you can play again! But for sure, you can recharge with money.

Social feature is also an important element for this game, which allows you to compete and share with your friends. Besides, multiple “boost” items can be either bought or earned through playing to make your game life easier.

In a word, Pet Rescue Saga is an excellent addition to’s lineup with its nice graphics, interesting gameplay and multiple upgrading features.

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