Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Pirates: Tides of Fortune is a strategy social game that is currently only available for Google Plus social network. The game, which is developed by Plarium behind Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy, allows players to build their own pirate kingdom , battle with other Pirates and ultimately dominate the whole high seas.


My superficial cognition on the image of a pirate retained on the world-famous Captain Jack, the cunning, charming and rakish hero in that movie series. A pirate’s life? That is too far away from us, but that’s hysterically enchanting and yearning. Pirates: Tides of Fortune presents itself in front of me a panorama of pirates’ life, tough and tender, suffering and engaging, and above all, totally beyond my imagination and expectation.

My first impression on Pirates: Tides of Fortune is invigoratingly fresh and its interface, from to the main Port, to Map, to the builing list part, is all elegantly and stylishly structured, especially when you toggle it into full-screen mode. I was instinctively reminded of the ever popular browser game Evony, which bears a strong resemblance, in terms of building interfaces and item panels, with the one portrayed herein. It is a near-masterpiece that attempts to revolutionize what I’d taken a browser game granted. The game could have been that great!

Another highlight I ought to point out is that the ingame voice system. The background music and built-in woman text voicing let you feel as if you were entering a concert, the women speaking eloquently to the music beat (note like a stuffy lecture XD…).To my mind, this part is not that necessarily built with technically, but it sheds luster to what a serious and dull war game is badly needed of. It is a huge step forward for such genre.

If you are not the one that firstly took a try on such game, you would possibly go smoothly; I mean just follow the skeletal hand arrow. But for a newbie, I do not think its tutorial is as perfect as Evony’s. Some missions do not come in time, which may confuse newbies with inadequate resources, tough the help systems explains how important the resources are. if the dev could make a well-matched quest-tutorial system at the very beginning of the game, I am sure the game could have attracted more gamers than it is.

In this article, I am not going to talk much about each part of the game, but I simply review the game as a whole. As I found the whole gaming system is like a chain of management, from the resources, to Units to discoveries and market.

I am still playing the game, and the full review will be updated soon.

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