Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures is an upcoming Facebook game following the highly acclaimed Plants vs. Zombies series developed by PopCap Games, the game studio now acquired by Electronic Art.


In the game, players still cultivate plants and fungi, defend their lawns against various zombies coming out of the street or graves nearby, and eradicate all those undead in a line with a lawn mower and develop their own battle strategies against increasingly powerful waves of zombies.

But they experience all those familiar contents in a new way. For example, suns and coins will no longer be the only things players could obtain and gather. They could also be rewarded with a small amount of gems, the premium currency in the game that can be used to unlock and purchase special plants. And the defense will not necessarily be set in your front or back yards. You will take a few road trips and battle undead in different locations.

Instead of questing players with clearing zombies in their neighbors’ yards, the game allows players to send zombies to their neighbors’ to cause trouble. They can also compete against other players as to what achievements they have made and which levels they’ve recently unlocked.


Plants vs. Zombies Adventures Coming Soon

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