Project Tank vs. World of Tanks: GameBox Ended Project Tank CBT 5 Days Ahead of Schedule


Yesterday, Gamebox officially responded to the removal of Project Tank’s Facebook Page. Things are heating up. Check out GameBox’s new response.

A new browser-based 3D game Project Tank developed by Gamebox has been forced to shut down after a quite successful closed beta test earlier today. The game is now in trouble with the 5GB downloadable MMO game World of Tanks over intellectual property dispute.

According to Gamebox, Project Tank has been “continuously sabotaged by Wargaming(developer & publisher of World of Tanks)”, who “recently launched a series of underhand actions”,and “is apparently threatened by a closed beta phase browser game aiming to provide a cheaper, fairer, and more accessible war game to players.”

This incident starts when Project Tank’s facebook fan page is blocked after being reported by Wargaming, who allegedly enticed its players (or astroturf group) to slander Project Tank with foul language before this block. Later that day, Gamebox received a mail from the domain provider of Project Tank official website (, informing Wargaming’s request of shutting down this site. In response, Gamebox ended the PT closed beta 5 days ahead of schedule with an official announcement saying they are currently “dealing with this issue with legal measures to protect this game” and “the open beta server will be open in approximately a month.”

As the developer of this new browser game, Gamebox is not in the same league with Wargaming, one of the giant companies in gaming industry. And the two games don’t compete at any platform either. But this dispute might continue until the two companies reach an agreement.

Further reading: Gamebox’s official announcement

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