Rise of Mythos

Rise of Mythos, previously known as Kings and Legends, is a free browser-based TCG published by GameFuse. The game features fantasy background and cartoon art style collectible cards.


In Rise of Mythos, you assume the role of a hero with the ability to summon creatures, which appear in the form of cards. There are seven types of collectible creature cards in this game, each of which varies in rarity and attacking ability. Naturally, you will be collecting those various cards, editing decks, and commanding the summoned creatures to battle enemy monster and other players.

The gameplay in Rise of Mythos mixes a RPG twist into all these familiar elements of regular trading card games. First, you can choose one of the four classes for your hero: Warrior, Ranger, Mage and Priest. A battle is lost if the hero’s life is reduced to 0, so building up a powerful hero is equally essential to collecting powerful and rare cards. The class of your hero decides your battle style as it grants you respective skill cards to use in battles. You can change the class of your hero at the cost of 88 gold any time you like.

There are two main maps in the game. You mainly progress through the game by adventuring in the world map, exploring different regions and going on single player campaigns. Between battles, you may retreat to the town map, where you can do a number of things, to name just a few: you can construct and upgrade different buildings in your City Hall, combine, extract and fuse cards, join PvP battles in the Arena, and sell unwanted cards or bid on other players’ cards in the Auction House.

What really makes this game unique is the multi-lane tactic battle system. In each battle, your goal is to reduce the opponent hero’s life to 0, and you can use both creature cards and skill cards to reach this particular goal. The battle is turn-based and takes place on a battleground that consists of up to four lanes, which divides into 12 squares. At the end of each turn, you draw cards (as long as their countdown number is 0) from your deck and place them in the first three squares in each lane. Then they move forward and attack automatically when it is your turn. It is important to prepare and assemble a good deck of cards to face  enemies, and use your cards in a tactical way. Leveling up your hero will increase the deck size and enable you to use more cards in one battle.

The game also features a dynamic social system. Every now and then, the system recommends you players around your level to befriend with. You can meet other players and join your forces together in a Guild, go on 1v1 or 2v2 multiplayer battles, or invite other 3 friends to go on co-op battles versus boss enemies. There is also a quite live chatting channel where you can use to assemble a party or exchange tips.

In general, Rise of Mythos is a great game. The gameplay is not so dull as in most TCGs and the cartoon style graphics are really nice-looking. The bone to pick here is the pay-to-win formula. By charging real money, you automatically become a VIP, which gives you great privilege including better cards, few level restrictions and more resources. This seemingly unavoidable problem among free-to-play games is also the major problem here.

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