Rising Generals

Rising Generals is a new free-to-play strategy MMO from the Germany-based studio, InnoGames. Their past portfolio includes browser and mobile hits like Tribal Wars, Forge of Empires, and Grepolis. Rising Generals is a modern warfare game featuring empire building and a heavy focus on PvP. Well, it’s pretty modern anyway. Technically, Rising Generals is retro sci-fi — like the 80s guessing what war machines would be like 30 years later.


Rising Generals is being designed with mobile in mind, and the game is totally cross-platform between computer browsers, iOS, and Android. Any progress is stored and synced across all of your devices, so you can take advantage of a big screen or extra mobility whenever you need.

With Rising Generals, InnoGames wants to make the massively-multiplayer strategy genre faster and more exciting. The game is designed for you to take action in an instant and see its immediate effects on the world. Maps will be able to support over 40,000 players, and it’s your task to conquer your own little slice of that.

Each player will have their own headquarters on a plot of land that can’t be taken from them. Every other piece of land is up for grabs though, and land is valuable. The more land you have, the more resources you’ll be able to generate and the more combat units you’ll be able to produce. The game features over 20 units, and they’re all vehicles like tanks, jets, and helicopters. Most of the vehicles stay pretty close to realistic, while others dial it up a notch like the Hydra, a tank that shoots acid out of three cannons. Beyond expanding your main base and sending your units off to war, you can aid your war effort by researching new technology, enlisting officers and spies, and joining forces with other players.

The game will be free-to-play and funded with microtransactions, but everything you do has an impact now. After sending units to battle, they reach their destinations quickly. Real-time 3D animations and unit AIs make each battle unique and exciting to watch. Rising Generals is designed for players to feel that immediacy and powerful enough to influence the game world.

Rising Generals is scheduled to enter beta testing this summer, which you can sign up for at the official website.

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