Royal Story

Royal Story is a simulation game on Facebook where players plant crops in the fields, feed domestic animals, and produce and sell products to make enough money for restoring glory to a once prosperous kingdom.


Players take the role of the only child of the King and Queen, wake up at the beginning and find everything is gone. Therefore, they have to do whatever possible to increase production, expand the kingdom and battle against the evil witch who has made all the crops in the kingdom wither with her dark spells. To be specific, players deploy farm beds onto their territory, plant corns, tomatoes, coffee bean, and clovers in the farmland, feed cows, chickens and other animals, and produce coffee, cheese and more products that will bring handsome amounts of money.

That story is cliché and the gameplay sounds too familiar. There is no doubt that players are once more involved in the endless planting, collecting, crafting, battling and most importantly, energy spending process. In most cases, you have to click two or three times to remove a weed, 10 or even 25 times to remove a pile of stones, and 12 or more times to get rid of a tree. Once you’ve reached level 5, you will constantly be in short of energy even if you do nothing beyond what is required by the tasks. And you will have to wait for the refill.

But energy isn’t the only reason to keep you back. You always have to plant enough crops, collect enough milk and eggs, and have enough coffee and cheese in stock before you attempt to unlock new areas in the map. And the cultivations and productions take time of varying lengths. For example, after you feed the cow, it would produce milk a minute later while tomatoes can be collected four hours after they are planted. Of course, to reduce the waits, you can always use rubies, or the premium currency.

Royal Story puts cartoony characters inside a somewhat blurry world and since the protagonists also look familiar, it wouldn’t be visually impressive even if all the pictures are clear.

The game also incorporates boring battles against enemies that appear now and then in your territory threatening to ruin your crops or harm your animals. As in previous social titles, for example, Happy Tale, those enemies will be gone if you spend a few energy points in hitting them. There is no real fight or skill or anything exciting and it’s just yet another way of depleting your energy.

Royal Story is hardly an attraction, with familiar and ordinary pictures and overused dull gameplay and everything else considered.

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