Samurai vs Zombies Defence 2

Samurai vs Zombies Defence 2 (SvZ Defence 2 for short) is a sequel to Samurai vs Zombie Defence. Both are developed and released by Glu Games, a versed developer behind a variety of well-known games like GunBros, Bloody Glory and Frontline. Like its predecessor, Samurai vs Zombies Defence 2 is also typical of mixed themes of zombie, tower defense and action. There is not much new in this game, but its enhanced aesthetic and soundtrack along with a few add-ons will definitely improve gamers’ experience.

Pros: cinematic graphics; intense fights; quality soundtrack; bountiful and flexible enforcements; appealing mode addition
Cons: unoriginal and simplistic gameplay; too many in-game micro-transactions


Samurai vs Zombies Defence 2 will not appear unfamiliar to those who are attached to its forbearer, Samurai vs Defence, which is deemed as a resounding success by many. Inheriting almost all the good features of its predecessor, this game brings along some minor changes and adds a few nifty twists. It is very likely that this game will be blessed with a even larger audience, but this remains to be seen.

As its name indicates, Samurai vs Zombie Defence 2 mainly features fierce fights between heroic Samurai and the ever-persistent zombies. Gamers are directly brought back to the feudal age of Japan, an era best know by legendary Samurais. But different from our usual notions, Samurais’ enemies are no longer evil human beings or ferocious beast. They are now meeting face to face with an even more horrible type of opponents–zombies, sorta undead with an unquenchable thirst for human brains. Hordes of them are heading permanently for your village, with the simple and unchangeable goal to destroy it once for all. Starting as a Samurai, you bravely come to the very front of your village with a high sense of mission, deciding to fight a mortal combat. The fate of the whole village rests with you…

The neat interface deserves some praise here. Immediately after you click the Start icon, you will be shown in detail all the relevant information you need to know about your avatar. If you care to know, you can access to your avatar’s profile by a simple tap on his image. Attributes in terms of speed, melee, ranged, health, ally slots and ability slots are all available for your reference. Details about your possible allies are also disclosed here. You may find farmer, warrior, assassin and dozens of other potential allies. A myriad of power ups are also there for your assistance, including sushi, cup of tea, revive, souls etc.

However here is probably where you meet your disappointment. Abundant as the allies and power ups are, most of the time, they are only reachable after you pay in coins or golds, which are hardly enough for you if you just play the game without doing any micro-transactions.

Yet the addition of heroes and modes compared with its predecessor might contribute to your enjoyment. Currently, there are 3 modes available, namely daily challenge, single player story, and multiplayer collections. Single player mode is the easiest one, in the sense that you have a smaller number of enemies who proceed at a moderately slower pace, making your game not so difficult. With your leveling up, you can unlock more heroes, including Kunoichi, sorceress, Ronin, each with unique strengths and weaknesses. Daily challenge features more intense combat scenarios, which will surely turn out to be the cup of tea for those bellicose players. The multiplayer mode adds even more spice to fights by allowing you to challenge your friends in order to win their totem. What’s interesting is you can steal lots of useful things from your friend.

Cinematic graphic is another un-neglectable highlight. The improved visual designs will indeed give you a thrilling fighting experience. Hordes of zombies, together with flying and crawling monsters, are delineated with finesse. You can actually see their horrible and ugly gaits–jumping, skittering, staggering and so on. To double the charm, the game also boasts very good sound effect, which provides pace for the fights and communicates the tension very well.

All in all, Samurai vs Zombies Defence 2 is a very engrossing game, offering quality graphics and amazing sound effect alongside a very good setting. Fans for zombie games and action will not reckon it disappointing.

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