Shadowbound is a new browser-based MMORPG from R2Games behind well-known browser games such as Wartune, Monkey King Online, Knight’s Fable, and Zombies Ate My Pizza. The game throws you into a magical world where you must lead your mercenaries to defeat evil enemies threatening your survival. There is no peace in the world of Shadowbound and you are the one who determines your own destiny.

If you have already played R2Games’s Wartune, you will definitely be familiar with how its latest entry Shadowbound works.  The game wisely uses Wartune’s mechanics spread across dungeon, battle, Building and VIP system, managing to deliver a big change and improvement over the flaws or generic features in Wartune.


Guardian System, Mount System, Battle of Wits, Astrals, Treasure Cove, The Catacombs.


Shadowbound Review Coming Soon.

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