Skyripper is a browser-based MMORPG from GameWave, the maker of Mythic Saga, and Call of Thrones. In the game, players are able to choose one of four classes – Berserker, Archer, Dancer, Monk – to develop their characters through spirit training, quest exploring, and skill learning. Meanwhile, players can make new friends, participate in various social events and team up to fight against monsters and NPC bosses.


Skyripper is an inventive mock of Mythic Saga with the poetic imagery that is beautifully rendered in high resolutions, laden with nostalgia and appeals for MMO fans who have a penchant for colorful visuals with lovely characters and creatures, which are presented in a style of unique Chinese characteristics. It is a truly impressive MMO with a perfect mix of soft music, special skill effects, visual artistry and compelling storytelling.

From an artistic point of view, Skyripper can be best of the best among the crowd of Asian lovely MMORPGs. It wins in many details. First of all, it supports fullscreen resolution. Traditionally, few browser games support fullscreen mode even if some of the games have a fullscreen option, it ends up being fake because when the fullscreen mode is activated, the images are distorted. While Skyripper’s images and animations in the fullscreen mode are still as good as those in the normal mode. Secondly, the new effort to improve the visual effects inevitably gives a credit to Skyripper. The delicate designs reflect on the modeling of pets, mounts and monsters, in between, there are some surprises when you reach a certain of level. Sometimes, you will be taken into a new fictional realm or scenario, and sometimes, a NPC will teleport you into an utterly colored dungeons. All that give you a different visual feast to your eyes.

It is equally great when it comes to the quest exploring. Basically, you follow the quest instruction to grow your characters and do quests simply by clicking on the designated Quest Name. You do not need to worry how to find the place NPC told you to slay monsters or collect materials, and what you need to do is click the name of your desired region. You will be teleported there sound and safe and without spending any credit.

To my mind, MMORPG should have a compelling storyline to make players immersed in the game even there are no quest available. Skyripper does feature a primary storyline and side story pieces that are all delivered through the quest and narration although the story is severely screwed up by the poor English grammar. But it is theoretically understandable since the game is directly translated from Chinese and even most of NPC names retain the original Chinese PinYin.

Like most of MMORPGs, Skyripper uses the “Crafting” mechanic that allows for crafting advanced weapons and armor. Players should collect materials dropped from defeated or killed monsters and then put the required materials and equipment into the “XuanYuan Forge” for more advanced items. Besides, weapons or gear can be enchanted, socketed and transformed by adding some Spirit Gems or Transfer Charm. Crafting may be a nightmare for free gamers because Gems and Charm should be bought from the Market. Although players can set up their own booth in the market, ultimately most of the items on the booths are common items, which can only be used for basic crafting and upgrading.

The game can be more fun if you join a party or Guild especially when you run into problems defeating a big boss. At this time, party or guild members could help you defeat the big boss and thus acquire the quest items. Not only can you invite your friends in your party, but you can invite players nearby simply by clicking the Nearby button in the Party Panel, which saves you a lot of time to find players on the map.

After playing the game three days since its release, I made many friends in the game. It is safe to conclude that Skyripper is much better than Mythic Saga. It has gorgeous graphics, dazzling animation skill effects and most importantly it improves with a strong focus on the community.

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