Small City

Small City is a mobile simulation game that puts players in the management of a small town, or to be specific, a small street, to build houses, open shops, expand the street, and satisfy all needs of their citizens.


The game revolves around the citizens. Basically, you do whatever they need in most cases. They need a residence, and you build a house; they need jobs, and you open a restaurant or a florist’s shop; and they need a ride, you send a taxi. In that way, you are going to keep your citizens and even attract more people to rent your houses and make a living in your street.

Meeting citizens’ requirements doesn’t exclude the necessity of clever and balanced management of resources, including both coins and working hands. Every time you are done with the construction of a shop, you need to hire one or two citizens to keep it running. Different persons bring different revenues, and therefore you’d better assign the best possible person for each position to earn more money.

Players in Small City enjoy a horizontal view of the longitudinal sections of the houses and shops from across the street. And therefore, instead of watching small houses with symbolic rooftops, you will see two-storied buildings with furniture, decorations and people inside them. It was very nice to watch those characters walking up and down in each different house.

Occasionally, you expand the street and add more houses or businesses, fire or hire employees, provide stock to shops and collect incomes. But most of the time, you are the taxi “driver” actually. Whenever anyone needs a lift, you send a taxi and then move the taxi to wherever they want. Those tiny little characters in the Small City, who serve as the customers, are incredibly lazy. They call for a taxi even when the destinations are just next door. And the taxi charge varies depending on the driving distance and therefore in many cases, you can only make a small sum of money even if you serve customers all the time.

The visuals are unique and entertaining and players will embrace surprises because whenever they click to build a house or shop without knowing how it would look like and what could be inside after the construction is complete. However, the gameplay is not riveting enough to keep you interested. Anyway, what’s the point in spending most of the time in serving passengers when you are supposed to be the mayor of the city?

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